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After-Like Featured by the Old Girls Club

After Like – Clare Bennett

Clare Bennett is  a photographic artist based in London, she writes for her on her current project After Like…

The manipulation of photography has played a large part in how we memorialize our dead; from Victorian era postmortem photography featuring a deceased loved one posing as though alive, to early special-effect techniques superimposing an image of the deceased into a group portrait. Looking back at these approaches they may seem ghoulish now, but as our online lives proliferate so too do our online deaths, and we find the practice continues all the same, though in the digital realm.

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As people die in real life, their carefully curated online persona can live on, as if haunting and even interacting, through dedicated sites or social networks. Immortal avatars replace real users, and the virtual world becomes a digital afterlife.


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Londoner Clara Bennett died in 1900, at the same age that the photographer Clare Bennett was in making After-Like. The photographer researched women from the Victorian era to find a real person on which to build the project. With a matching avatar of her name, age and background, the photographer inhabited the character and created a unique online presence for Clara Bennett, just like the 31 million Facebook users in the UK do today.


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